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What Types of Jobs are Available at McDonalds

McDonald’s restaurants are more than just the local burger joint. There are many people who work behind the scenes as well to ensure that quality, service, and great food are all standards for each customers visit. McDonald’s restaurants offer part and full time positions; hourly and salary positions, and flexible scheduling. Corporate opportunities are varied as well and may provide excellent opportunities for advancement.

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McDonald’s Restaurant Opportunities:

Common job opportunities at McDonald’s restaurants include the following positions:

Crew Positions:

Crew members may include positions such as cooking, preparing meals, working the counter (cashier), operating McCafe’ functions, regular shift cleaning and restaurant care, drive through service, and other duties as needed. These positions are great entry level positions that provide the basic training and restaurant environment familiarity needed for other positions along the way. These positions are generally the most flexible in terms of scheduling. Pay generally ranges from $7.25-8.75 per hour depending on the location and level of experience.

Crew Trainer:

A crew trainer is someone with working knowledge of McDonald’s restaurant functions who can accurately communicate with and train new employees. It is important for these individuals to be well rounded, a leader by nature, and be able and willing to communicate with people from all walks of life. The working hours for crew trainers are flexible. Pay generally ranges from $7.25-9.25 per hour depending on the location and level of experience.

Part Time Rush

: Part time rush jobs are the jobs that range from the hours just before to just after lunch when the restaurant must rely on additional support than the scheduled staff. These positions are not as flexible, but they are commonly the same from restaurant to restaurant, from approximately 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. depending on the restaurants rush hours. These positions are great for those looking for a few extra hours of work each day/week. Pay generally ranges from $7.25-8.00 depending on experience.


There are several job opportunities in management within McDonald’s restaurants. Depending on the individual restaurant’s needs, as well as your education, experience, and desire to advance, you may find suitable management positions at many McDonald’s restaurants. Hourly managers have the benefit of more flexible scheduling, while higher levels (assistant and store managers) may have rotating shifts. Hourly management positions generally range from $8.00-11.00 per hour. Salary management positions generally start around $28,000 per year and continue from there depending upon the position, location, and experience of the candidate.


Maintenance personnel are very important employees for McDonald’s restaurant success. One of those positions that stay behind the scenes, the maintenance personnel employee is responsible for the overall care and cleanliness of the restaurant during the morning and early afternoon hours. This position requires a self starter who is able to effectively work during the early morning hours, with little or no immediate supervision. Maintenance positions generally require a schedule of 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pay generally ranges from $7.50-11.00 per hour depending upon location and experience.

McDonald’s Corporate Opportunities:

According to McDonald’s Corporate Career Resource Center online, the following positions may be available in their regional or corporate offices.

Administrative Engineering Legal
Accounting Environmental Affairs Marketing
Air Travel Facilities Systems Media Relations
Architecture/Construction Franchising Product Development
Communications Government Relations Purchasing
Corporate Tax Human Resources Quality Assurance
Customer Satisfaction Information Services Real Estate
Distribution/Logistics Insurance Restaurant Operations


Each of these positions requires different levels of training, education and experience. The McDonald’s website Corporate Career Center gives you the option of learning about each different job including the requirements, expectations, general terms, etc. and determining which position may be best for you. You can utilize the career opportunity search page to search positions in your state and location, as well as applying for these positions online. This career resource is a great place to learn about the application and interview process, as well as get answers to your basic questions before applying.